Most every guy who gets a hold of this ‘Speed Seduction’ or Don Juan info does so for one primary reason: to compensate for something he lacks, be it an abundace of sexual opportunity, need to feel powerful and in control, or, mostly that need for confidence. Because he does, he immediately buys into a misperception bourne of a misperception, which is what SeducingWomen101.Com will help clarify.

The misperception is that “Chicks on adultfriendrfinder dig guys with confidence” therefore if the guy can up his self esteem and confidence levels, he’ll have chicks all over the place. What they don’t understand, and that is always in their ways, is that women aren’t responding to the confidence at all and never were, no matter how clearly they tell you “I was attracted to your confidence”. Confidence is a conscious label attached to a perception of something we sense beneath the surface but cannot quite fathom. Superficially, “confidence” is appealing in anyone because nobody likes to see whiney, weak willed, sniveling saps who suck the life from other people. But it has little to do with getting laid.

What guys refer to as “alpha male” is absolutely based in core genetic programming and is merely the presence of dominance that women, by the fact they’re women, cannot help but be drawn to. Plenty of guys who are supremely confident and good looking still can’t get laid on even their best days. And plenty of not so hot looking guys with issues and hangups still get laid all the time. Regardless of looks OR confidence. If guys can understand that it’s not confidence at all but a natural maleness, then they’re aligning with Mother Nature, which will only benefit them in the “Scoring” department.

That presence of natural ‘maleness’ is what we call Dominance, as it depicts an essence of inherant strength and ability found only in the masculine half of the polarity required for mating. It is this natural embodiment of maleness that compels the feminine attraction, and vice versa – the more female a female is, the more guys fall all over themselves to get to her. It’s subconscious compulsion – it is how we are programmed to know the difference in “mates” so that when it’s time to mate, we can do so and not completely malfunction the species.

It is this mis understood “radar” that women who end up with the “strutting, abusive alpha males” are compelled by. They see the male exuding this natural dominance, natural maleness – because abusers seldom, if ever, display any feminine characteristics at all (i.e. heart, caring, compassion, nurturing)…and women who have compensation issues will inevitably be drawn to these people for the required polarity integration. There is much more behind this natrual attraction, and not intended for this discussion other than to point out that if there is an attraction present at all toward another person, it’s there because of genetic programming and not because of something external in another person.

Further, natural attraction is not what motivates men and women to have sex. Sexual compulsion motivates them to have sex. If there is no natural attraction, there will never be any sexual compulsion. It’s the reason a very masculine male cannot be attracted to a masculine female, but why a very effeminate male will be compelled to her against everything that’s Holy. He’s still responding to the genetic, subconscious compulsion of “proper suitor for mating” – balancing this polarity. It’s not even about muscles and rolling abs. It’s a natural radar that’s programmed to seek out its opposite.


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