Dance Floor Game

Dance has been around from the beginning of time and is one of the most used arts for one to express themselves.

‘I wanna make love in this club’. My frame was ready, my vibe was intriguing and my smile was a million dollars. As i stepped onto the dance floor with a bop in my step, i spotted this HB she was a 9, brunette, 5ft 5′, with curves just like a coco cola bottle. She was alone which I thought was strange so i thought i’d be the perfect person to keep her company. I was in a crowded area surrounded by most guys doing the typical hovering and staring, around a two set.

One of them saw me she was a young cute blonde, I gave her a smile and a wink, I was different to the guys I stood and moved like I was the prize, which was probably why she signalled for me to go over and save her and her friend from the hungry predators. I pretended like i didn’t understand and then got swamped by the overloaded guys. ‘Good’ I said to myself this gave me an excuse to have to move closer towards my target. I wanted to be in front of her so she could see me. Now i was in place it was time, i made sure my chest was out, my legs were wide a part and my dance moves were simple, smooth and slow. It was just a under half way through the song ‘Umbrella’ a song which irritates the *BEEP* out of me. I was ignoring her for the most part only to now and then glance over into her direction (Though using my periphrals to see how she moves and where shes looking).

The new song was on ‘Love In The Club’ my blood was pumping, i looked over, i caught her eyes and made sure i kept the contact even though my eyes wanted to look away due to habit. I gave her a playful smile, she looked away, DAMN she wasnt interested, then i saw her give a half look in my direction with the cutest smile ever. I knew I was on her mind. I told myself I need to make it happen right now (following the 3 second rule) or it will just be harder later. So I kept my eye contact on her and no-one else, its just me and her in the room now. I walk over to her, she looks at me then looks away, she looks at me then looks away.

I look at myself for a second and realise im approaching head on which is a no no as it can be quite intimidating, so I switch my directions so I’m coming from an angle. I finally get to her, grab her hand, look in her eyes and tell her ‘you look like you need company let’s dance’. She smiles, i take that as a yes. We dance, I pull her in, I push her away and say as a little as possible. If you guys don’t know dancing with a girl is one of the best ways to esculate kino, so I’m sure you can imagine what I was doing ;). The song is coming to an end, I want to isolate her so i can continue the interaction.

Rico: You look like your having trouble keeping up with me (cheeky smille).
HB: (laughs) No, im fine I’ve got a lot of stamina (laughs)
Rico: Really? Maybe you can show me how much later, but first you gotta buy me a drink 
HB: (laughs) Maybe
Rico: Let’s go sit down.
HB: Well I was waiting from my friends to get back and i don’t want them to worry.
Rico: Ah S**t I knew it was to good to be true for you to be alone, I was talking to myself at this point obviously ;). Ok Rico reframe.
Rico: Well im sure your a woman who is mature enough to make decisions for herself, obviously your friends think so otherwise they would’nt leave you alone.
HB: That’s true
Rico: (Smile and grab her hand) Come on, we’ll find them later.

Now guys what you have to understand about dance floor game is that there is no specific way. There is only a structure you can create for yourself and then go with the flow. Here is my secret.



Positive Body Language – chest out, legs apart, slow movements, head up

Have Fun – enjoy your own company or who ever your with.

Glance over now and then. Let her know you have noticed her.

Dance – If you feel uncomfortable learn a few simple moves, check out youtube or just watch music videos. ‘We all have a heart, which beats to a rhythm, you just have to be intune with it.’


Stare at women, they are not meat.

Hover around, hoping that will get women to dance with you, it won’t. It will only intimidate them and create a negative social proof on your part.

If your a dancer go on the middle of the dance floor trying to show off your moves, if you know your not a very good dancer then definately do not do this. This portrays to women not confidence but needieness for attention, which is a turn off for both men and women.

Approach straight on and definately do not approach from behind.

Try talking to her unless your fairly close or dancing with her. Otherwise you’ll be shouting over the music for her to hear you which will annoy her and demonstrate lower value.

If your target is in a two set or more, you can follow the exact structure but before dancing with her you need to interact with her friends so they become comfortable and see you as no threat, this will then make your target automatically comfortable with you and only want to please her friends by dancing with you. You can interact with the set by mimicing them or teaching them a dance move. Just remember be playful!

In conclusion women love to go out clubbing to either have fun with their girlfriends and meet new and exciting people (you!) like they used to at adultfrinendfinder, to show off that new outfit they just bought and the most important of them all to DANCE!


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