Dating Advice

Dating can be somewhat tricky and awkward to someone who has very limited experience with it. Questions such as who pays, who has to make the first move and make a kiss, who decides where to go and others can create quite a confusion, especially during times of sexual revolution and blending of gender roles in society.

Let’s attempt to shed some light and try to outline a course of action which combines the old traditions with modern blending of gender roles.

For guys:

  • Generally, a guy has to approach a girl he likes on adultfrinendfinder, has to lead the conversation with her and then ask her out sooner or later if he feels she’s attracted
  • He has to take the lead by offering where to go and what to do, and allowing a woman to make her inputs and then discuss it with her IF she offers. If not, just follow your plan
  • Generally, guy has to pay for everything they do together (that doesn’t count buying her stuff when two of you go shopping). He has to pay for the movies and food, however, if woman offers to pay, let her pay
  • Chivalry isn’t as common nowadays, and it’s really a matter of personal preference whether to do it or not
  • A guy has to make the first moves most of the time. Meaning he has to initiate first call, first touch and make a first kiss. If he doesn’t, often he’ll likely be seen as asexual and not romantically attractive
  • A guy has to take the responsibility for the safety of his date
  • A guy has to drive the car, rather than the other way around

For girls:

  • If you really like a guy, society’s stereotypes might make you feel that the guy should do all the moves, such as approaching or starting a conversation. Most guys, however, would enjoy if the girl made the first move! So it you like some guy, approach him and chat him up, he’ll be flattered
  • You can take the lead if you want to, but some guys might not like it or feel intimidated if you attempt to take a lead. If he’s somewhat passive guy, then you might take the lead yourself and he might appreciate it. Look at the situation and if you feel like the guy you like is hesitant or doesn’t know what to do, take charge
  • It is acceptable to let the guy pay, however, it is courteous thing to ask him to pay your fair share. If he still wants to pay, let him
  • Whether or not to kiss your guy first is something that has to be personally decided upon the situation. If the guy is shy and reserved, but clearly likes you, you may try to initiate touching and then maybe even kiss him. Usually if the guy likes you and you’re receptive to his advances, he will kiss you
  • You can make your date feel important if you’re making him feel like you’re enjoying his company by complimenting him. Guys love compliments just as much as girls

Overall, date has to be comfortable to both of you, so just take it slow and have fun! Don’t be overly paranoid about who does what, just let it flow naturally and follow your instincts. Sometimes when you just relax and let it flow, things just become much easier.


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