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When guys are unhappy with their dating situation, it’s always because they’re letting women bring them down.

Women can bring you down in a million ways if you let them, and when they bring you down, it feels like the whole world is crashing down on you. It’s the worst feeling in the world, and it’s one that you don’t need to experience. A woman can only bring you down if you let her! There is no one or anything in the world that can ruin your happiness if you don’t let it. Choose to be happy on your own and live your own life. Women aren’t the purpose of life, the purpose of life is enjoying every moment you have in this world. If something’s in your life that doesn’t make you happy, you need to get rid of it! If girls are causing you stress and you’re miserable when you’re single, you need to figure out why you’re doing this.

If you’re not having fun with gaming girls then you’re never going to reach your potential.

When you wake up and dread having to talk to girls, take a step back and re-evaluate your reason for doing it. If you’re not having fun being single, you won’t be able to keep a girl once you get one. When you make getting girls the point of your life and stress about it all the time, you’ll scare off every woman with your desperation. Girls want a guy that’s fun and lives an entertaining life, if you need her more than she needs you; she’ll walk all over you and make you miserable. The only thing you can do is put yourself in position to meet women and put forth effort. You can’t control what any woman thinks about you, all you can control is yourself. Don’t let circumstances out of control make your life hell, take control of what you can and the rest will always work out! Be free from all the stress and hassle that guys put on themselves when it comes to dating and meeting women. Make the choice right now to enjoy yourself while you’re single and have a blast when you go out and game. If you don’t have a girl, so what?! You are still you and you still have your life.

Don’t let any girl or the lack of one make you miserable, because wasted time of happiness is much worse than being single! Become free from the chains that you let women bound you in; when you lead your own life as a real man, quality women will follow.

You should never try and keep a woman on adultfrienedfinder that doesn’t want to keep you. Don’t waste your time beating a dead horse, have enough respect for yourself that you are willing to walk away at any time and not lose a wink of sleep. If every guy followed this rule, they would all be a million times happier! Keeping women who have low interest in you is telling yourself that you don’t deserve better. Value yourself highly! You are the best, so you will not waste your time on someone who refuses to recognize your greatness. Cut her loose and find someone that appreciates you.

This all stems from trying to make women fill a vacancy or hole in your life.

You can’t forget about this girl or get rid of her, because even though she is putting you through hell, you will feel lost without a woman. Women are meant to add to your life, like salt to a dish of your favorite food. You can still enjoy your baked potato without salt, but if you try to eat a plate full of only salt, you’ll get sick! Women aren’t your life; they should just be another way in which you find pleasure and entertainment. Stop trying to find your sense of purpose from women, because it will never make you happy.

If you are basing your identity as a man on the acceptance and approval of girls, then you have much bigger issues than picking-up chicks. Your validation as a person should come from inside. This is the biggerst cause of approach anxiety and nerves before a date. When you make the date so big in your mind and so important to you, you will never be able to relax and have a good time. As a result, your date won’t be able to have a good time either. When you care so much about what girls think of you and how they view you, you’re building your happiness on a foundation of sand.

When you find your happiness from who you are as a man, you build your happiness on a foundation that is absolutely unshakable. The harder you push for girls to approve of you and give you the feeling of being worthy, the more you chase them away. This only makes you seem needy, insecure, and weak. This is not a man.

Be a true man and live your life on your own terms!


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