How To Stop Being A Nice Guy

Are you a nice guy?`

Well, if you don’t have a girlfriend, then you’re probably because you’re a nice guy.

Unfortunately in the dating world, nice guys on adultfrienedfinder DO come last. The thing about being a nice guy is that you’ll typically always end up in the “friend zone” with a girl, while the badboys go around sleeping with whichever girls they want.

The biggest mistake that nice guys make is that they’re ALWAYS giving women want and ask for. For example, when a girl asks for a present the nice guy happily buys thrusting vibrators. When a girl complains the nice guy happily apologizes. When a girl makes an insult, the nice guy laughs it off and doesn’t do anything. When a girl cancels a date, the nice guy doesn’t mind and says “maybe next time”. The typical nice guy places beautiful women on a pedistal, worships them, and becomes their slave for their every beck and call. By doing this, nice guys are shooting themselves in the foot by placing themselves in the “wussy” category of men… and it’s no wonder they don’t get laid!

The thing is, women will always mistreat you or try to change you… and this is not because women are mean or bad, women do this because they need men that are STRONG and can withstand their personality. The problem with  nice guys is that they typically allow themselves to be mistreated or influenced by women, and this projects weakness.

The higher in value that a girl “thinks” she is, the more she will test you and mistreat you to find out your level of social strength. As a MAN, it is your responsibility to make sure that you’re not mistreated, changed or manipulated.

And what is the best way to make sure you’re NOT manipulated, mistreated or changed?

Well, let me tell you now, you need to learn to test HER social strength and mistreat HER, this way you place yourself in the position of “strength” and her in the position of “weakness”. You must understand though, that when I say “mistreat” a girl, I’m not talking about it from a negative point of view, I’m talking about mistreating her for HER BENEFIT, because this way, she gets someone with a lot of social strength or someone with MORE social strength than she has (which is what she’s looking for in the first place). “Mistreating women” is the badboy characteristic that women NEED in a man (even though they won’t agree to it). So what sort of mistreatment am I talking about?

How about doing any of the following:

  • Teasing her
  • Making fun of her
  • Telling her off when she deserves it
  • Disagreeing with her
  • Not apologizing to her
  • Getting her to run errands for you
  • Getting her to do you favors
  • Getting the girl to invest more effort, time and money in the relationship than YOU are investing
  • Not accepting any “excuses” and persisting until she agrees to: meet with you, kiss you, dance with you, have sex with you, etc.
  • Delayed action when she asks something from you, or not giving at all
  • Not giving in to her demands
  • Talking over her
  • Not answering her questions

NOTE: When I say “mistreat” a girl, I’m not talking about cheating on her or physically beating her because thats just absurd.

The question is, can you go too far with this “mistreating women” thing? Well of course you can.

When you start out learning to attract & seduce women, going too far with mistreating women is actually something you MUST experience… it’s really part of the process of becoming a sex worthy guy.

When you do go too far with mistreating women, you may get called “asshole” or “jerk”, but  what you’ll learn is that mistreating women actually CREATES attraction… and once you’ve learnt to go too far with mistreating women, you can learn to tone it back, and balance the mistreatment with kindness, respect and “neutral” communication.

I’ll say it again, learning to mistreat women and going too far with teasing and being an asshole is a process that ALL guys go through on their journey to becoming great with women… until you’ve gone through this process, you’ll never learn how to create and sustain attraction.


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