Metrodate centers its regions around large, metropolitan areas, but its members can be located in the city, the suburbs or in the smallest rural area. There are no restrictions on where members live, and the easy search engine makes finding someone who lives nearby a lot simpler.

Site URL:
Year Established: 1998
Regions Served: Worldwide
Number of Members: 500,000
Free Membership? Yes
Premium Membership? Yes
Relationship Types:
• Any
Search by:
• Member Name or ID
• Most parts of Profile (Gender, Hair Color, Weight, Income, Education, Religion, etc.)
• Distance, City and Zip Code
• Profile With or Without Photos, Video or Voice Greetings
• Who’s Online
Member Viewing Tools
• Photos
• Profile
• Video Profile
• Who’s Online
• Audio Greetings
Communication Tools:
• Who’s Online Now
• Real-time Chat
• Instant Messaging
• Message Boards
• Flirt
Matching Tools
• Two-way matching
• Matches based on user’s search criteria Sent by Email
• Search Function Removed Members You Aren’t Interested In
Site Features:
• Flirt
• Mark Members as “Not Interested”
• Simple Search Feature
• Voice Greetings Available for Profiles
• Mark Any Member as “Not Interested”

Customer Support: Yes

Special Offers:
• Free Basic Membership
• $10 off Monthly Membership

MetroDate searches are mainly for finding someone who lives in or near the main metropolitan area close by, as well as finding someone who has the best profile match for you. The search is one of the easiest to use in the online dating realm. Even the advanced search is uncomplicated, narrowing the pool of online daters on adultfrienedfinder app down to the ones that best match your profile. The advanced search allows members to search by members who are online, members who have flirted with you, members you have flirted with, and members who match the most of your profile criteria. There is even a function to allow you to see the members who you have decided don’t interest you as potential dates. By marking those profiles with “not interested,” those member profiles no longer appear in your searches, making searches go faster. And, if you ever change your mind about any of those members, you can then find them through the special advanced search function. The search function has all of these functions that allow an easier searching experience, without making it take too long to be practical. The fast searching allows more time for instant messaging, flirting and recording greetings for your profile.

The matching is mainly done internally, as the comprehensive matching tools incorporated into the MetroDate system offer a fun way to find a mate. The site comes up with matches based on your profile and proximity to a major metropolitan area. Once these matches have been made, members can either mark them as not interested, or can send a Flirt to the members who have potential. From there, members have several ways to communicate with their chosen matches. The site hosts its own chat rooms, its own message boards and a system for instant messaging. The member profiles not only feature an essay and a list of stats, but there are other customizable features that give profiles an extra-personal touch. The voice greetings can be used to tell a little something more about yourself, or they can be used for a fun and whimsical greeting. Video greetings can be used for the same purpose, while giving you another way to let potential matches know who you really are. The video and voice greetings on other people’s profiles tell you a lot about them, and, by the time you meet them in person, you feel like you’ve already met them before. For a fun and easy online dating experience, join MetroDate.


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